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Newly Weds

Weddings at Grace


We believe marriage is not only a union between a man and a woman, but a union with Christ as well. Weddings are one of the most sacred moments in the lives of two people and the vows they make are promises to God and to each other. Because of this belief, all weddings at Grace are officiated by or approved by one of our pastors. 


We also offer a wedding coordinator who will help with making sure rehearsal arrangements are made, protocols are followed, logistics and details are tracked, and makes the wedding happen smoothly and successfully so the couple can focus on the wedding day and their new relationship. Pre-marital counseling by the Officiating Pastor is required as well. 


If you have questions about weddings at Grace, would like a tour of the facilities or to be put in contact with the pastor, contact the office at 419-874-4365!

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