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"The Caring and Connected Seminar" February 22  9:00am-12:00pm

Cost: $20 per couple

We are excited to have Tom & Nancy Rupli bring this seminar on relationships. This is a great opportunity for all those newly married, married, thinking about getting married, engaged, or in a relationship and would like to learn how to connect and care for one another. Genuine enduring love is so much more than a feeling!  Relational wellness develops when a couple discovers how to “care for” and “connect with” each other.  “The Caring and Connected Seminar” explores the ingredients of relational closeness, reveals the 10 Key Relational Needs that every person has, and gives practical ways partners can meet the needs of those that are closest to them. For questions/details, Contact:
Childcare provided.

Click the button below to pay and complete your registration after filling out the following form. 

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